The Happylocal app brings together local Meetup groups, Eventfinda events and Experiences all together in the one place to help busy people access information easily and on the go. At present Happylocal is in 4 regions – Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel and Waikato. The app has different categories “Connect”, “Events” and “Experiences” to make searching for specific information easy and their are sub-catergories in each section too. For example if you are looking for a food related event in a particular area and timeframe – you can now find this with just a few clicks! By intentionally using your free time and getting more involved with your local community, Happylocal aims to help you feel happier through an increase in community connection and enriching experiences. And if you are an organization or individual offering events, experiences and micro-volunteering opportunities – then this is your new, local mobile Marketing channel!

It’s FREE to post and your post will feature as soon as it’s approved by our team. If you would like it to feature in the main screen area of the app for the entire community to see, as a dedicated push notification campaign, in our newsletter, or on our Social Media platforms – we have advertising opportunities! Simply get in touch with courtney@happylocal.com

An event is a one-off occurrence, whereas an experience is something that takes place more than once or reoccurring. A micro-volunteering opportunity is a volunteering role that will be a one-off rather than an ongoing commitment, great for busy people!

It is really important that you save and then exit the tagging section, you don’t want to undo all your good work! Then you will be taken to your feed of experiences, events and opportunities that are happening at the moment. As new posts are added, they will come through as push notifications.

Here at Happylocal, we are passionate about helping you live your most fulfilling, happy life possible and we take a holistic and balanced approach with it. We are all busy, so we try to encourage small steps, bite-sized experiences so you feel empowered and not demotivated!


Most of us have to work, or have things that we are good at or would like to be. We think a good life can be made up of purposeful and interesting work using or building your skills. It’s awesome when people share their skills in order to help others too, which is something we hope to develop in the near future. So this is what the DO category/tags relate to, so fill it in folks!


Life is meant to have a lot of play in it, but many of us tend to push this back due to life admin and all our urgent commitments. We take the pain away with searching for things to do in your local area. Tell us all about your interests and what you want to hear about. If the tag isn’t there, you can submit one to us in the feedback section of the app. Or anything else you think would be a good idea, we love hearing from you!


No we don’t sign you up for another commitment of your precious time or money, rather we want to help you have a taster of things as it is proven to DEFINITELY make you feel happier more often. What causes or charities do you have an opinion on? In what area would you like to see change? Having a cause and passions really count for something, this is where you can make your mark, on your terms… no guilt attached!

You can download the app from Google Play and Apple Store, or simply go to our website to take you there. Once downloaded, follow the steps to fill in your profile – don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter too!

Research shows that if you embrace new experiences, use your skills for good and connect with others in your community, you can feel happier more often – so give the app a go and let us know how you get on! But there’s more…

  • It’s free to download the app, receive unique push notifications, and even post your own experiences, events and opportunities. Simply contact our team!
  • No more keeping up to date with multiple newsletters, publications and Social Media groups to stay informed. Happylocal cuts out the information overload and noise.
  • You’ll be better connected to your community by getting involved and hopefully meet like-minded individuals, make new friends and expand your network.
  • You can trust us; we are a private app so none of your information will be online, unless you decide to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

You will need a smartphone to use the app. By using the app you will be able to categorise and filter a lot of information easily. If you do not have a smartphone, we will be posting a lot of our experiences, events and opportunities on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Happylocal can be used by two groups of people; users and organisations/individuals offering an event, experience or opportunity.

  • Users are individuals that can easily filter and categorize the vast information out there relating to what’s on in the local community.
  • Organisations and individuals who offer an experience, event or opportunity can post on the app. For example, the local Farmers Market can promote their markets that happen every Saturday morning. If this sounds like you simply get in touch with our team to help!